Dancing Diamond Sterling Silver Wedding Bracelet

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  •  Material : High Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  •  Length: 60 mm
  •  Width: 54 mm
  •  Bangle Size : Medium
  •  Finish : Silver


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♥ Bridal Silver Bracelet ♥ Dancing Diamond Setting Perfect for you Special Occasion! ♥ Made in Pure Silver (925) ♥ For styling your Evening gowns ♥


W H Y ∙ Y O U ‘ L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T

• It’s beautiful and elegant

• It is Dazzling yet Subtle

• A special piece you’ll treasure

• High quality materials used

• Made with utmost attention to detail

• All our jewelry is custom made with Love and Care in our workshop ♥


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